15 Best Anime Like Black Clover if You’re Looking for Something Similar


A standout series of the Shonen genre, Black Clover is a perfect show for anyone who loves action and fantasy in equal measure. Through its imaginative world and quirky cast, it’ll draw you in and leave you eager to find out what next adventure it has in store. There are only so many episodes of the series to watch though, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 15 anime like Black Clover if you’re looking for something similar.

One Piece

15 Best Anime Like Black Clover If You're Looking For Something Similar
Image Credit: Toei Animation and Eiichiro Oda

Lauded as one of the most successful Shonen series of all time, One Piece refines the Shonen genre’s key elements down to a science.


Following the exploits of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew as they search for the legendary treasure known as One Piece, every arc of the show is chock full of dramatic battles, heartwarming friendships, and a love for adventures of all kinds. Likewise, the series’ world and characters are full of variety, thanks to the presence of individuals with powers granted by the Devil Fruits.

One moment, the rubber-bodied Luffy could be taking on a criminal king pin with the ability to slice through objects with iron threads. The next, he could be fleeing from a warlord of the sea who can command fire and thunder spirits. And soon after that, the show could spend ample time building up the relationships between Luffy and his crewmates.


It’s a series that has brought Shonen fans joy to no end. Plus, considering how long the series is, it’s unlikely you’ll run out of episodes to enjoy anytime soon, making it a perfect follow-up to the girthy runtime of Black Clover.

Demon Slayer

Image Credit: Ufotable and Koyoharu Gotouge

Don’t let the series’ darker themes fool you. Demon Slayer is just as full of off-the-wall oddballs as Black Clover.

From the core trio of Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke to the chaotic bunch that is the Hashira, the series’ cast has plenty of strange individuals for you to fall in love with. Not only that, but you get to see these personalities bounce off each other in a variety of ways, whether it’s during battles against demons or while they’re recuperating after a hard-fought war for survival.

In all seriousness though, Demon Slayer is one of the best anime around at the moment, especially wen it comes to its animation quality. It’s also being adapted quickly and has a set ending, meaning you won’t have to worry about filler more than once or twice per season.


15 Best Anime Like Black Clover If You're Looking For Something Similar
Image Credit: Pierrot and Masashi Kishimoto

A pillar of early 2000s Shonen, Naruto is an underdog story of epic proportions.

Set in a fictional world of shinobi where skills in the art of the ninja mean everything, the titular character Naruto dreams of becoming Hokage and receiving recognition from the world around him. Unfortunately, he’s hated by his village for harboring the spirit of a destructive fox demon and has struggled to reach his full potential on his own. With time though, others begin to accept him and help him to reach his lofty goal.

Ripe with characters wielding mystical abilities as well as moments of hard fought success earned by both Naruto and his allies, viewers will find themselves sucked into the world of this series from its humble beginnings all the way up to its bonkers finale. Those who found Asta’s loud and abrasive personality endearing will likewise love this series’ protagonist, especially when he backs up his boisterous claims with exhilarating actions.

It also helps that the series has an ongoing spinoff, ensuring the tale of the Knucklehead Ninja will keep new fans entertained for years to come.

My Hero Liceu

Image Credit: Bones and Kohei Horikoshi

For those who enjoyed Black Clover solely for its underdog protagonist rising against the odds, My Hero Liceu is the best alternative.

Centered around the exploits of the once Quirkless Deku in a world where superpowered Heroes are a pillar of society, the series tracks his journey to become the greatest hero ever. Cataclysmic battles are fought, friends are made, and most everyone learns a lesson about the importance of believing in one’s self; or, in the importance of relying on others to achieve what can’t be done alone.

The supporting cast is also one of the strongest in all of anime. Whether it’s a member of Class 1-A or one of the many heroes and villains that make up the wider world, there’s sure to be at least one character who will become your new favorite character.

One Punch Man

15 Best Anime Like Black Clover If You're Looking For Something Similar
Image Credit: Studio Madhouse

One of Black Clover’s stand out qualities is its sense of comedy. Characters are good at never taking themselves too seriously, and it helps keep the series light and irreverent.

One Punch Man succeeds in much the same way, presenting viewers with a character so utterly overpowered he never has to worry about throwing more than one punch to win. As a result though, he faces world threatening terrors lackadaisically and has no desire to grow stronger anymore, worrying more about catching a sale at the supermarket or lifting up those around him.

Such is how he ends up meeting a cavalcade of oddballs on their own quests for meaning in life. Together, they all might find a new purpose in life; or, more than likely, can at least keep life interesting for each other day by day.

Though its lack of a larger goal for the protagonist might turn off some, this show is a delight to watch all the way through its two seasons. Plus, with a third season on the way, there’s never been a better time to dive in.

Soul Eater

Image Credit: Bones and Atsushi Ohkubo

Where Black Clover embraces a fantasy theme and injects it with Shonen, Soul Eater drags Shonen into a world of horror that’d make even the most discerning Halloween lover blush.

The premise is simple enough, following Maka and Soul as they strive to collect 100 souls and turn Soul into a Death Weapon. In time though, things spiral into a bonkers plot of family fighting family, long-held grudges being put to rest, and learning to ride the line between passion and madness.

In all honesty though, the aesthetic of the series is its true draw. Most every character carries design inspirations from monsters, creatures, or characters straight out of a spooky story. Not only that, but they all play it off like it’s entirely normal, making the whole world feel that much more proveniente and interesting to be drawn into.

Give this one a look if you need something a little less serious and a lot more creative.

Fairy Tail

15 Best Anime Like Black Clover If You're Looking For Something Similar
Image Credit: A-1 Pictures and Satelite

Chances are you’ve already heard of Fairy Tail if you’re already a fan of Black Clover, as the two shows share some striking similarities.

Set in a world where warrior mages band together via guilds and go on adventures, Lucy, Natsu and their friends travel the world to help those in need and make the Fairy Tail guild the best around. As they do, they’ll also need to help each other overcome all manner or tragic backstories and existing traumas, gaining strength and belief in each other as they do.

The series blends traditional Shonen elements with fantasy themes wonderfully, whether it’s through its character and setting designs or the rousing celtic score. Over the course of this long running series, viewers will also come to care about and root for the main cast in all they do the same way they would for the Black Bulls, becoming more invested in their successes as they do.

Bungo Stray Dogs

Let’s be up front right now and just say that Bungo Stray Dogs is a much more serious show than Black Clover.

Its overarching plot covers outstanding murders, long-held grudges against the ways of the world, and desperate struggles to overcome political power grabs that were decades in the making. Many characters fail to achieve happy endings, and protagonist Atsushi goes through hell twice over just to achieve a modicum of happiness.

And yet, when it features moments of levity and humor, it feels that much more earned. This is doubly true when it concerns the series’ wild cast of weirdos, who bounce off of each other’s personalities so quickly and with such ease it’s almost impossible not to love them immediately.

It’s also set to receive its final cour within the year, meaning you won’t have long to wait if you blast through its current five seasons worth of episodes.

Gurren Lagann

15 Best Anime Like Black Clover If You're Looking For Something Similar
Image Credit: Studio Trigger

Impassioned shouting and manly fighting spirit is the name of the game with this classic show.

The 27 episode series follows the exploits and struggles of Simon the digger, a man chosen by fate to pierce the heavens with his drill. Alongside his bro Kamina and their friend Yoko, he journeys to the surface of a barren world to help humanity find peace and prosperity, taking on any and all villains who try to stop him.

Much like Black Clover, Gurren Lagann holds the shonen genre as its foremost inspiration. Filled to bursting with battles, come from behind victories, and friendships built along the way, it will scratch your Shonen itch in a way few other series could ever hope to.


Image Credit: Sunrise

To say Gintama is a comedy anime with light Shonen elements would be an understatement.

Outside of a few specific episodes and arcs, the series has only one goal at all times: Hurl its characters into random situations and bring them to solutions that no one could have expected. So long as the status quo is re-established by the time the credits roll, they could break the fourth wall and steal material from other shows whole-hog to get the job done.

And honestly, there are few series that could hope to be as funny as this anime when all is said and done. It should be at the top of your watch list if Black Clover’s comedy was a big draw for you, and chances are this will handily overtake it in no time at all.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride

15 Best Anime Like Black Clover If You're Looking For Something Similar
Image Credit: Wit Studio and Studio Kafka

While many sing praises for the show’s Shonen themes, the merits of Black Clover’s Fantasy world are just as enticing. If this was tyour favorite part of the show, then The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a great follow-up.

Taken in as a pet by an otherworldly mage known as Elias, Chise soon shows herself to have the makings of a mage herself and becomes his apprentice. To this end, she dives headfirst into a world lying just behind our own, filled with spellbound wonders out of our imagination.

From its phenomenal music and art to its handling of fantasy elements, this show should more than satisfy anyone who found themselves pulled into the fantasy and magic of Asta’s adventures. Do be warned, though, that its pacing is far slower than Black Clover’s, so you’re not exactly going to be hopping from one fight to the next.


Image Credit: Pierrot and Tite Kubo

For those who loved Black Clover’s over the top fights and constant introduction of new abilities, Bleach is a great series to dive into.

After encountering a wounded soul reaper named Rukia, Ichigo Kurosaki becomes one himself and is embroiled in the turmoil of the spirit world. Armed with an oversized sword and a host of supernaturally talented friends, he’ll take on every challenge that comes his way, changing the world for the better as he does.

Full of tense battles between paranormal sword-wielding combatants, Bleach will scratch the itch of anyone who loves seeing Asta break out his overpowered blade. Just be sure to check when you should skip some of the less enjoyable filler arcs, as the series doesn’t embrace a filler-free approach until its Thousand Year Blood War arc.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

15 Best Anime Like Black Clover If You're Looking For Something Similar
Image Credit: Bones and Hiromu Arakawa

Between its comedy and its enthralling fantasy narrative, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is a solid way to fill the void left by Black Clover.

Two brothers travel together through the country of Amestris. One is missing an arm and a leg, replaced by full-metal prosthetics; the other has lost his entire body, his soul bound to a suit of armor. They aim to find the Philosopher’s Stone, a legendary alchemic item, in the hopes that it can restore what they have lost. But can they obtain something so powerful without giving up something equally valuable?

A smash hit and well known classic, the Fullmetal Alchemist series has long been a favorite among anime fans of all stripes. As the most recent take on the series, Brotherhood’s crisp animation, stellar sound design, and complete story will satisfy even the most critical of fans in the mood for a modern Shonen classic.

Hunter x Hunter

Image Credit: Madhouse and Yoshihiro Togashi

Want to watch a show that nails Shonen the way Black Clover does, but with a darker edge to it? Look no further than this epic from the mind of Yoshihiro Togashi.

Set in a world where skilled individuals known as hunters seek out their deepest desires, Hunter x Hunter is about as refined and polished as Shonen shows can get. From each cast member’s motivations to the way it presents its setting, the series is great at putting its best foot forward, easing viewers into the experience.

As you learn more through the eyes of the main protagonists Gon and Killua, it’ll be impossible not to get invested in their adventures, struggles, and victories. It’s a little lengthier at 148 episodes, but the time will fly by as you lose yourself in the search for that which is just out of reach.

Dragon Ball

15 Best Anime Like Black Clover If You're Looking For Something Similar
Image Credit: Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama

It’s nearly impossible to make a list about Shonen series without including the Dragon Ball franchise, and that’s especially true if you’re looking for anime similar to Black Clover.

Starting off as a simple tale of a young boy and girl traveling in search of the wish-granting Dragon Balls, the series grows into an epic tale of overcoming evil and improving oneself endlessly. Its memorable cast of characters are endlessly entertaining to watch, and you’ll be struck with joy and despair as they come up against all manner of villains in fantastical combat.

Plus, given the vast number of episodes, films, and spin-off series tied to this franchise, there’s little doubt you’ll be sucked in for months or even years by this series. Just be aware that your mileage may vary as you get into the later arcs.

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